Monday, February 13, 2012

40 and...Fabulous?

Well, as usual, I don't have time for a long post, and I'm sorry it's been so long...

Yes, on February 10th I turned FORTY! Dun dun duhhn...

It was hard leading up to it. I had a particularly melancholic evening a few days preceeding the big day where I got irrationally weepy, and spent a couple of hours holed up in my bedroom watching music videos of the tortured-80's-new-wave-goth variety and clips from John Hughes films. I'm not sure why I needed to do this but for some reason I felt better afterward.

The actual day itself was no big deal. It was a Friday so both kids were home, and though I had tried all week to find a babysitter so I could have a few hours of indulgent ME time, no one was available. Boo hiss. All fine. We have big plans with friends coming into town this coming weekend to really celebrate, and it's really great that I have that to look forward to.

I think about where I've been over these past several years and I think how lucky I am with the two children I've been blessed with, and so, there's not as much of a sting with turning 40 than I know there might have been if I were still in the Infertility trenches. So, I am grateful.

In other news, my son has been making continuing progress. His latest passion seems to be drawing (with chalk, crayons, pencils, pens whatever) and it is like some sort of switch has just been turned on his brain. Up until now he wouldn't draw anything if I asked him to. He'd get frustrated, make a few scribbles and say, "there! I'm done!" and shove it away. Now he can't get enough. I feel like new connections are growing in his brain and I am so so happy.

My daughter (22 months) is a total chatterbox, and a lovebug, and I wish I could write down everything she does every single day because each day she makes these huge leaps, and while I'm happy she's obviously A GENIUS I'm a little overwhelmed and weirdly saddened by how fast she's growing up.


  1. happy belated birthday, frenchie! hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating.

    so glad to hear your son is making some good progress expressing his creativity. we all need an outlet or two!

  2. Happy belated birthday!!

    Glad to hear that Handsome Man is doing well and why oh why do babies have to grow up so quickly?