Saturday, December 3, 2011


Ah, the obligatory First Post. Thanks to any of my readers who have followed me over from my old blog. I felt like now was the time for a new, fresh start. So many things have changed recently: career changes (staying at home for me) a move to a new state for a new job (for hubby). New surrounding, new house, new friends (still working on this one) new everything. And, since we (most likely) are leaving our family-building days behind, and are just working hard at making the family we have work, (i.e. trying to not mess up my kids too badly, and also to keep my sanity on a daily basis) it seems like it's time for a fresh start for the blog, too.

On this blog I'll probably talk about parenting (the good, the bad, the crazy), the struggles of raising a child with AD/HD, my adventures in creating a new life in a new state, and whatever miscellaneous thing I feel like talking about. Sounds pretty boring, huh? And, although this is not an infertility blog, per se, I expect the topics of Infertility and Adoption to creep in here, because both have forever changed my life, my mindset and my priorities. Through our struggles to create a family, I have learned many things. I have learned to be more compassionate toward others, and to have more patience with people--you never know what someone, some stranger, might be going through. You just never know. So, I give people the benefit of the doubt a lot more readily. I have become more sure of myself, and learned how to be my own advocate. Everyone might have thought I was crazy, but I couldn't let it go: I had to keep searching for the answer to my infertility. I finally found a doctor who listened to me and didn't just write me off. Leaving no stone unturned, I stumbled over the answers I sought, and I became pregnant in 2009 with my daughter. Then, I had to learn how to fight the System to get help for my son. I'm not the doormat I used to be. I am very open in my real life about Infertility and Adoption and raising a child with Special Needs--and I will talk anyone's ear off about any of it. I'm probably no fun at parties.

So, thanks for stopping by--I hope you'll stick around. What's your story?

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